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Lyemance Energy-Saving Dampers


  • $169.00

The Lyemance Energy Saving Damper is proven to reduce air loss through the chimney by as much as 90%. Traditional chimney dampers are known to be inefficient and are costing you hundreds of dollars every year.
The Lyemance Damper mounts easily atop a flue tile with silicone cement which is included. A 32' stainless steel cable, handle and bracket, which are also included, drop down the flue. The bracket is mounted to the inside of the firebox and the handle is locked into place when the damper is to be closed.
The Lyemance damper is designed with a Power Lever which causes a paddle to swing up and lock in place. This unique design gives the unit a "low profile" and allows the damper to be easily closed.
This energy saving product comes with a Lifetime Warranty. The silicon rubber seals ensure your conditioned air won't escape and that the outside air will stay outside. It won't take long for the Lyemance Energy-Saving Damper to pay for itself.

Note: Top Sealing Dampers are not recommended to be used with gas fireplaces.

Now open your damper with even more ease. The EZ Open Damper Handle mounts to the wall of the firebox. A lightweight extension slips over the handle, and the opens the damper with minimal effort.

Please Note: Snow and Ice may interfere with the Lyemance Damper so please consider a damper cap

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