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Cheap Chimney's Custom Shop™ is one of a kind; and it is a huge asset to many of our loyal customers' businesses. This is why we excel in speed, craftsmanship and service!

  • We know that there are many times you need a unique part, a part built to your specifications, to make your installation perfect.
  • We know that you need this custom part fast!
  • And, we know that you want the custom part built with quality and good looks.

Many have tried to duplicate Olympia's Custom Shop™, but no one has come close! You just won't find anywhere else the same quality, pricing, service level and speed that you get at Olympia. For example, if we receive your order early in the day, your custom part will most likely ship that same day...Only at Olympia!

How do we do it, you ask? It is Olympia's commitment to using state of the art technology and employing superior craftsmen. Only Olympia's Custom Shop™ truly understands what you're looking for; and, therefore, works around the clock to ensure that Olympia exceeds your expectations!

If you have never tried Olympia's Custom Shop™, we urge you to give us a challenge! We will build your parts just right; thereby, making your business look good. That's what you'd expect from "Your Partner In The Business!"

Just look at our capabilities

Can you imagine ordering these parts and getting them within a day or two? You'll be thrilled with the quality and the price! Only at Olympia!

Custom Chimney FlueCustom Chimney Cap


Email us with your design idea or to request our custom order form.