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Fiberglass Chimney Cleaning Rods

Forever Flex

  • $23.00

We carry three styles of fiberglass rods — all come with male threads on one end and female threads on the other.

First (top) is a very heavy-duty, yellow, .480" diameter rod. Comes in 32" lengths (for smoke chamber work), and 6' lengths. The .480 rods have 3/8" pipe threads.

Second (middle) is the professional-duty black rod which is .440" in diameter. The .440 rods have 3/8" pipe threads. Comes in 4', 5', and 6' lengths.

Third (bottom) is a light-duty, more flexible, brown .370" diameter fiberglass rod. This rod is very popular because of its high degree of flexibility, though it won’t stand prolonged, heavy-duty use. These .370 rods feature 1/4" pipe threads. To attach chimney cleaning brushes you’ll need a 1/4" female to 3/8" Female adaptor.

Most professionals don’t bother to thread sections of rods together on each job. They employ Quick Connects