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Forever Flex Pre-Insulated Chimney Liner, stove tees, chimney top plates, chimney caps

Pre-Insulated Forever Flex is manufactured from 430 stainless steel in the outer skin and 316Ti inner stainless steel liner.

It comes ready to install with Olympia Chimney Supply's non-carcinogenic Super Wrap Insulation Blanket already wrapped around the liner. It is convenient for the installer; saving both time and money.

The outside dimensions is 2" larger than the inside dimension.

It carries the Forever Warranty, is UL/ULC listed, has 0 to 0 clearance within a masonry chimney.

  • Patent-pending cover and insulation system features
  • Spiral wrap insulation allows liner to freely flex at any point
  • Spiral wrap and taller cover corrugation height eliminates the stiffness experienced with other liners
  • Corrugation profile provides durability in the outer shell
  • 316-Ti liner, aluminum outer shell
  • UL pending
  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty
  • All sizes except 8'' fit between the wheel wells of a pickup or van
  • OD 1-1/2'' larger than ID

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