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Forever Flex Chimney Liner, stove tees, chimney top plates, chimney caps

"Your Chimney Lining Headquarters”

It Starts With The Details....

Forever Flex is a premium chimney lining system custom made for the installer. The liner is 316Ti and all components involved in venting the gas are made out of matched metal. Just another detail that makes this the best kit in the world.

Made With The Installer In Mind....

We invented the quick and easy way to install liner. Our Quick Connect hose clamp system was designed by Will and Chris. This hose clamp style fastening system means no more screws, drilling or rivets.

Peace of Mind....

Full UL testing and listing to the UL 1777 standard by Underwriters Laboratories. In addition, Forever Flex™ offers an industry exclusive, the Forever Warranty.

World Class Quality And Innovation....

The liner and all components are high quality! The liner offers a strong 7-ply seam, which is air and water- tight. The liner has ten corrugations between each reinforced seam, offering greater flexibility.

All components are designed with ease of assembly. The Quick Cap features a wire screen and a wind guard (a no-screen style and a screen with no wind guard style is also available) which installs to the top plate collar without the need for a separate storm collar. This allows for fast installation and easy chimney cleaning. Our exclusive No Sag/No Leak Top Plate has a welded collar and sloped plate. Our Quick Tee design is fabricated with a 10” long snout in addition to a secure inside removable take-off.

Quality Is Forever.

We pride ourselves in offering you the very best. Our liner is made with 316Ti alloy. This is the highest quality metal available today for liner manufacturing and we use it! Our components match the alloy of their corresponding liner, and our exclusive No Sag No Leak Top Plate means a much drier chimney for the homeowner. Simply's the best liner made today!