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Hearth Country Firewood Moisture Meter - Chimney Liner

Hearth Country Firewood Moisture Meter

Hearth Country

  • $32.95

Burning properly seasoned firewood is the most important thing to produce optimum heat output, reduce creosote deposits and get the longest life from a catalytic combustor. Without an accurate way of measuring moisture content, it is a guessing game at best. Now an inexpensive and easy means of checking how much moisture is in your firewood is available. The Hearth Country Firewood Moisture Meter is an easy, fast way to determine the moisture content in your firewood - no more guessing!Hearth Country Firewood Moisture Meter

  • Large backlit LCD display
  • Readout with bar-graph and numeric indicators
  • Wide measuring range: 3.0% - 40.0%
  • Microprocessor provides ± 1% accuracy
  • Hold button freezes reading for reference

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